Veron Ennis (American)
Born in Virginia, 1981
Lives and works in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Veron Ennis was born and raised just outside of Washington D.C., in Virginia. She paints contemporary, unconventional landscapes of vast vistas with natural and manmade elements. 

Her technique is comprised of a balanced combination of graceful, yet unpredictable, applications of paint. These layers are spontaneous and tend to direct the composition after discovering their outcome. Careful masking of additional painted layers and even hand drawn elements make distinct visual statements finalizing the painting. Long pulls of paint using trowels and squeegies in contrasting vibrant color create long mountains, wide valleys, and expansive skies in what look like panoramic silhouettes. Hand-drawn minimalist geometry, symbols and structures, is integral to each composition, as well, tying a sign of humanity into her representation of nature. She is inspired by her local landscape, travel, theology, geometry, and the concept of time. 

Ennis marries painting with sculpture by presenting her paintings as a structure. Her transformative cube sculptures are explained by the Baker Museum, Naples, FL. "(Ennis's) sculptures are comprised of six paintings on wood panels hinged together to form a cube, which can balance on any of its corners, edges or planes. When unlatched, the structure unfolds to be exhibited on a wall with any orientation." 

ABOUT HER WORK, Ennis states, “Throughout time, ideas have been communicated through symbols. I have a love for this universal communication and expression. In modern art, I love the paring down of elements in a composition in order to deliver a message in a minimalistic way. I create my landscapes using symbolic elements that are combined with careful intention to communicate the beauty, the infinite love, and the wonder of this life we all share.”

Ennis’ work has been published in British Vogue, Art Districts, Portfolio, House of Coco, and numerous other publications. She has exhibited her works in London, New York, and Miami and is found in private collections around the world.

Ennis’s work is influenced by artists such as Agnes Martin, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Barnett Newman, and Corita Kent. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech University, with a degree in graphic design. She has been a curator for two galleries, has been on exhibition committees, has independently curated for universities, galleries, and art centers, has dedicated time to host art talks at her studio, and written for several art magazines.
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